Part One Hundred Two
No One Finds the Magick Shield

"Rocko, nice job in that fight," maintained Harry.

"Good work, Harry," shot Dade.

"Thanks, Harry, you did good stuff yourself," responded Rocko. "I need to do more of that praying shit." Turf eyed Rocko suspiciously.

"DIBS!" shouted Rocko before anybody searched the Ratman to find his Magick Shield which nobody ever found because they didn't search the dead Ratman.

"You wish!" argued Turf.

"Well, our party had a brief moment of harmony," remembered Harry fondly of the last few parts.

"Hey Corky, you did a good job not leaving anyone to die alone with the monsters," revisited Dade as he woke all the sleeping dogs and attacked the dead horse viciously.

"I hate you, Sneaky Guy!" cried Corky as he ran behind Turf.

Rocko began searching the Ratman's cell, ignoring the bars north of him and the gate in the bars and the mean looking Lizard Guy on the other side of it. Ignoring all of it until he got too close to the gate and it opened and the Lizard Guy came out attacking them. Turf moved to get in between Corky and the Lizard Guy.

103. Another Epic Fight Again

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