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I've recompiled the game with a bunch of syntax fixes with the newest release of Inform 7. I believe the old game kept the Dwarf drunk if he drank the ale and that should not have been the case. Taking the Alky Seltzer tablet (as well as another way) will make him sober up now. Or should. I should probably test this release or something. Anyway, it worked great in TADS!

Also, the Troll Baby no longer tries to get away from you when you pick it up. It's supposed to move away when you enter the room anyway and not when you pick it up. I couldn't figure out how to fix that code since I haven't looked at Inform in years. So the Baby Troll is easier to deal with.

That's all that's new!


Trollslayer is a text adventure written by me! Text adventures are those games people played in the eighties because computers didn't have enough memory or programmers didn't have enough drawing skill for real games to be made. I can't do anything so I made a text adventure! Boy, if I were in the eighties, I could actually make money from this stuff!

The link to the game is in the left hand column. It's a link to the .zblorb file. That means you need to download an Interactive Fiction Interpreter for whatever system you're on. I have links to those over there too. Or you could just Google Interactive Fiction or zblorb interpreters and find one of your own.

Maybe someday I'll make another one. Who knows? Programming is hard!

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