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 How To Use This Guide!

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Follow one of the links to the left to find the Study Guide for the section of The Bible indicated. Each section of this guide will detail that portion of The Bible. It should be read in conjunction with the original text to help you understand the source material and should not be used solely as a replacement for reading The Bible, lazy. It's a really big book so there will be a lot of Sections. Just be thankful I'm not charging you for this Guide! The first part of each Section will list all of the basic plot points for the current Chapter of The Bible. It's what you should literally believe happened. After that, there will be some study questions and other activities to help you and your students delve deeper into God's Brain.

Each Section will have links along the side which will bring up the separate pages of that section in ready to print sheets so you can download them to your new-fangled electronic ditto maker and easily hand them out to your students. I suggest your students be 3rd Graders. You can scary up the Guide if you're trying to get them to believe. Maybe draw some demons and burning children along the margins (I'll leave plenty of room for this on each page). Send me any pictures they draw in the Drawing Time! portions of the Guide and I'll post them in the appropriate Section as inspiration for future Bible Scholars!

Important Caveat Emperor: This Study Guide is a literal reading of someone else's translation (King James Bible) since I can't read Ancient Hebrew or Sumerian or whatever crazy language The Bible was originally written. Maybe French! You should expect a lot of errors when translating over one thousand pages of Scripture across hundreds of years and different languages, so The Bible I'm working with probably isn't even close to the original anymore! Any errors in this Guide should be attributed to the dumb translators. You should always read your King James Bible with a few dozen grains of salt and a pinch of pepper.