Dwarf Lover, Venger's Plan, Page 23: Venger: I don't hire henchmen, Master. I summon them. Cobra: Yesss, yesss, lucky you. I imagine the threat of sssending people back to an Abyssss of hellfire would ssstop a lot of the ssstruggle for power among the troopsss. Venger: Yes. Right now my demons are massing among the ports in Albion. They will recover the items or they will die. Cobra: If only I could have usssed sssuch threatsss. I acted asss if there were limitsss imposssed on my by sssome outssside forcsse. Venger: But I will not be able to retrieve those items and free you until I am freed from this cage. Cobra: And I sssuppossse you have a plan for that asss well?