Dwarf Lover, Venger's Plan, Page 21: Venger: No, Master. Your prison can only be broken by the six magical items given to those brats by the Dungeon Master. Cobra: Blassst. You have a poor hissstory of defeating thossse kidsss. Venger: But I already have two of the six items, Master. And the children no longer travel together. They shall be easy to pick off one by one. Cobra: And that isss the eckssstent of your plan? Pick them off one by one? Venger: No. My minions have taken over the papers in Talabheim, Middenheim, Altdorf and Marienurg. They've begun printing stories of a stable portal to a strange world appearing in Albion. Cobra: Yess, the old media takeover routine. The warsss I could have won if I'd have had the Persssonell for that ssstrategem.