Dwarf Lover, Grummok's Plan, Page 17: Venger: But for now, I must patiently wait for revenge. What is your plan to retrieve the Codex? Grummok: It's simple. Listen to this... Grummok: The Codex of Infinite Planes is locked away in a vault deep within the World's Edge Mountains. Only the key of Thirteen Parts can open that vault. Each part of that key is guardd by a powerful being, currently all locked within the Chest of S'kubi Du. But there is a curse set upon the chest which places a Geas upon the person opening it. They will be compelled to track down each of these powerful ghosts and return them to the chest of S'kubi Du. When this happens, the part of the key protected by that being will remain outside of the chest. My plan is to allow the Dwarf, Elf, Human and Halfling to stumble upon this chest, thus freeing the ghosts and falling under the curse. Me and my kobolds will follow close, retreiving the parts of the key as they go.