Dwarf Lover, The Beginning, Page 8: Gary: My brother Bobby the Chubby and I used to pull confusing diversion scams kind of like that back in the day. The halflingmay have been on to something. Someone or something wanted to sow discord in our ranks. And it wasn't hard with reactionaries like Brennan amidst our group. Kohk: Perhaps the Chaos Horde? Duke: Bah! They could barely organize a gang rape! But the orcs... I had to wonder: How did Duke know beastmen couldn't organize a gang rape? Kohk: Do you think the orcs helped to stir Brennan's ire? Duke: Possibly. Although it wouldn't have taken much. Brennan enjoys...defending Elves. 'Defending Elves.' I knew a euphemism when I heard one. I'd known his kind before. Ya point out to an Elf how gay they are and they get all huffy and emotional.