Part Sixty Five
Buster Misses His Chance

The Fantasyers entered a huge cavern with a small pool in its center. Turf looked into the pool to see an old, grumpy fish.

"Cheer up, feller. We're here to get the Cyclops," helped Turf. But Turf couldn't speak with fishes like Buster who was busy somewhere else in the cavern for some reason all of a sudden.

"Will you shut up about the Cyclops? What are you, stupid?" angered the mystery voice. The What are you, stupid? question was probably rhetorical because we all know the Hero is stupid. "Stop talking to a dumb fish already!"

"I'm not stupid, you are!" insulted Turf terrifically.

"Ha ha! Good one! Not!" topped the voice as the Fantasyers left the room with the pool to explore a new hallway leading west. They entered another cavern. This one had a large set of double doors at the northern end. Turf tried to open them but couldn't. An image of a Balanced Scale was carved on the door. In one scale were rocks and in the other side were goldoons. Er, I mean, golden light shining up from it. A clue!

"Darn locks," spewed Dade who checked the door for traps.

"Earn your keep," Turf commanded Dade.

66. Harry Figures Out The Riddle

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