Part Forty Two
Meet Harry The Magick Guy

As the Fantasyers stood in the shit patch deciding whether or not to go into the shit hole, A Magick Guy named Harry came wandering up. "There is one in my pants!" he cackled (about the Cyclops mentioned in the previous part unless he just greets everyone that way). A big owl was sitting on his shoulder and he was wearing a pointy cap.

"Hi Harry," introduced Dade.

"Did you have to walk through the shit, old man?" preached Rocko.

"The whole field is shit," bemoaned the Farmer.

Buster decided it was once again time to sing so that maybe Harry would be impressed. "Drat, drat drat. Another rat, rat, rat. We killed them dead. Their blood flowed red. They're dead, dead, dead."

"Hmm, you need practice. And a new sound," musick criticked Rocko.

"So, how big is the hole in the sewer?" asked Buster instead of looking at it himself. Maybe he doesn't know how to convert Grunionian Metrick.

"It doesn't matter. We're going after the Cyclops," declared Rocko eyeing Harry's pants.

43. Turf is Stoopid

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