Part Forty
Does Anyone Need Healing, Part I

"Hey, is anyone injured and in need of healing?" interrogated Rocko.

"You are. In the head!" Turf conquered Rocko.

"OH! Oh! That HURT! OWIE!" whined Rocko from the savage word beating.

"I was bit twice!" baffled Buster. "Ouch, it hurts!"

"Buster, you should get the kid to tune your ukulele," insisted Rocko, somehow thinking a poor farm kid would know what to do with Buster's instrument.

"I think the Hero is a little sick in the head to want to fight a Cyclops," broken recorded Dade.

"You know, now that I think on it, mayhap there is a Cyclops in that sewer," re-thunk the Farmer.

"Awww. Really?" cried Turf like a big baby. "Not in there!"

"Somethin' affrighted these rats," opening statemented the Farmer.

"In the sewer, huh? Lead the way, Hero," chirped Rocko.

"Uh, Corky, you go first," thoughtfully thought the Hero. I mean, thought out loud.

41. Buster Still Needs Healing

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