Part Thirty Eight
Remember the Cyclops?

"Let's get us a Cyclops!" change the subjected Rocko as he realized Poo Boy wasn't going to break down in tears now that Corky was so happy about the stupid card.

"What Cyclops?" trembled the Farmer.

"Nevermind," quipped Buster smartly.

"The one that is going to kill The Hero," decided Dade.

"Is thar one in the sewers?" asked The Farmer. "There's been weird noises in them sewers. Could be a Cyclops drove them rats out."

"Buster, you should ask the kid to take you to the sewer outflow," purred Rocko as he stood in the sewer outflow. "Get some alone time."

"What about the Kobolds?" asked Buster, sensing they might be jealous if he diddled Poo Boy and not the Kobolds. "Kid, take me to the sewer outflow!" spammed Buster as he realized Poo Boy was kind of sexy and Kobolds were dogs.

"Them Kobolds 'em always trying to steal my non-existent cabbages," spat the Farmer.

"We need to get the Cyclops!" repeated Rocko.

39. But First!

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