Part Thirty Six
The Legend of Cocky I

"Give it to Corky to hold for me," spumed The Hero because he thought he was too good to take anything from poor people. But you aren't, Hero! Just remember where you came from, poor boy! The boy came running back holding a beat up card. The card was of a man in mid-swing with his left arm coming around to punch a Great White Dragon in the face. The dragon's right arm was swinging around to claw off Cocky's face (that's the man I described earlier). It almost looks as if they are about to embrace each other. But they aren't. They're about to fight! And one of them is going to die! But I won't tell you which one and spoil the surprise!

Cocky is going to die! Surprise!

"It's a Cocky I card! It's from the Heroes of Simplagul Trading Card Set!" admired Poo Boy.

"I'd rather not touch it. Give it to Corky," better than you'd Turf.

"Thanks!" crowed Rocko as he snatched it from the boy and flung it to the ground, crushing it beneath his cool foot.

"Hey! That was for The Hero!" cried Poo Boy.

37. Buster Remembers a Sexy Joke

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